XC User Research Preliminary Report

This report summarizes the objectives, methods, and major software design findings from the data collected in the user research portion of the eXtensible Catalog (XC) project. A full analysis and interpretation of the data is not included here and will be provided at the conclusion of the project. This report includes edited results from the brainstorming sessions and a list of the features that emerged from the analysis of those results.

Nancy Fried Foster
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XC presentation at ELUNA 2009

Powerpoint slides from conference presentation covering XC project activities, software features, architecture (animated), and the planned governance organization. Also includes updated mockups of the latest version of the Metadata Services Toolkit. A summary table of compatible Ex Libris products appears towards the end.

David Lindahl
ELUNA 2009 in Richmond (Ex Libris Users Group Conference)
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XC MARCXML Normalization Service Documentation

Documents the actions taken by this XC service, which inputs and outputs metadata in MARCXML. The service currently normalizes MARXML records to enable them to be used in a discovery environment that uses faceted browsing, but this service could be used for other purposes as well. By adding additional steps to the service definition, it could be used to make any straightforward changes to batches of MARCXML records.

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