Kyushu University Library announces discovery pilot

We here at XC are excited (thrilled is more like it) by the work that Kyushu University Library in Japan has been doing.

They have just announced a pilot version of a new discovery interface called Cute.Search that interfaces with their library catalog (known as Cute.Catalog). The pilot is a combination of Summon (from Serials Solutions) and eXtensible Catalog software. There is more information about the pilot at the first url below, which also includes an overview diagram of the discovery solution.

Info page -

You can directly access the XC Drupal Toolkit catalog user interface here -

The Kyushu pilot provides a single search point for discovery of a combination of different library resources. Local holdings are displayed via the XC Drupal Toolkit with live circulation status being obtained via the XC NCIP Toolkit.

For those that can read Japanese, a news site for the Japanese library community has also done an announcement -

We are really excited about this pilot and we look forward to following the progress being made at Kyushu University Library.