NCIP Toolkit version 1.0 released

A cross-institution group of open source developers is pleased to announce the release of the XC NCIP (NCIP standard 2.0) Toolkit version 1.0. This includes the version 1.0 releases for the NCIP Toolkit Core Code as well as the Sirsi Dynix Symphony and the Ex Libris Voyager connectors.

The release represents a significant advancement in NCIP Toolkit Core Code coverage for NCIP services as well as stability. The NCIP standard contains a large number of possible NCIP messages and the previous version of the core handled support for the most commonly used messages but not all NCIP messages. With this release, a connector developer can now make use of any NCIP message without needing the core code to be modified.

No new functionality is introduced in the Voyager or Sirsi Dynix connectors but they have been enhanced and tested to work with the new core code. Note they are not backward compatible.

Please see the release notes for more detailed information of the release

Considerable (and great) work toward this release was done by the following developers:

• John Bodfish from OCLC
• Patrick Zurek from the Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries of Illinois
• Douglas Christman and Michelle Suranofsky from Lehigh University

Coming in the next release (first quarter 2012) – with the next release we plan to provide:

• Enhancement for configurable connections – this work will greatly enhance how the NCIP Toolkit is configured and will support multiple connections to different ILS systems. This feature will make the Toolkit able to be used more broadly and sets the stage for the toolkit to be used in other products, including NCIP initiators and other projects beyond connecting to an ILS.
• Support for NCIP extensions to the Loaned and Requested Item elements. These features are needed by current users of the toolkit.