XC Discovery Interface Demo Website (XC Drupal Toolkit)

Notable Features:

  • Faceted browsing with customizable facets
  • Live connection to the ILS for circulation status
  • FRBR/RDA-based metadata with staff display: From any full record screen, select the “View XC Schema” button
  • Custom interface builder tool for staff: Select the “DVDs and Videos” tab for an example of an interface created with this tool
  • Extensive customization via admin interface (contact us to try this out)

XC Demo Websites:

How it works: The eXtensible Catalog demo site is not MARC-based. It contains metadata records in the XC Schema format (based on FRBR Group 1 entities and RDA):

  • 2.8 million Work records (not de-duped)
  • 2.8 Million Expression records (not de-duped)
  • 2.6 Million Manifestation records
  • 2.6 Million Holdings records
  • Item data is retrieved in real-time via NCIP protocol using the XC NCIP Toolkit

XC Schema metadata was converted from MARC records exported out of the University of Rochester Library catalog:

  • 2.6 million Bib records and 2.6 million Holdings records
  • Uses the XC OAI Toolkit and the XC Metadata Services Toolkit software

The “My Account” screen displays checked out and requested items that are maintained by the circulation system in an ILS. This information is retrieved in real-time from the University of Rochester Voyager Catalog and uses the NCIP protocol and the XC NCIP Toolkit software. XC Drupal Toolkit version 6.x-1.1

Technical Support and Feedback


  • Péter Király is the primary developer of the XC Drupal Toolkit. His talent, creativity and tireless hours of intense coding have enabled this ground-breaking software to become a reality. Péter is currently preparing the next release of the Drupal Toolkit, which will bring additional refinements and feature improvements!
  • Sean Morris designed the Drupal theme for this demo site
  • MT Wesley implemented the Drupal theme and the NCIP functionality