Technical Support

The eXtensible Catalog community is the place to start when you have questions or would like to share what you have learned. A set of topic-based mailing lists are available and described below.

  • General: This list is for general discussion about the organization, governance, features, and ideas for XC.
  • Developers: Is for technical discussion and questions. This is the most active list, but therefore the best one to stay in touch with the development activity.
  • NCIP Developers Discussion: Is geared toward NCIP component developers (for technical discussion and questions) and installation questions/issues.

Please subscribe to each of the appropriate discussion lists, or view an archive of past messages. If you have discovered a bug or would like to request a new feature, please visit the external code base site (listed on our home page) for the specific toolkit you would like to contribute to. There you will be able to fill out a form to report the problem, or suggest a new feature.

Useful Discussion List Information

Once you have signed up for a discussion list, the following information links may be helpful. They contain information on subscribing to the lists, sending email to the lists, accessing the archives, changing your email address and unsubscribing.

Issues, Bugs, and Feature Requests

The eXtensible Catalog public issue tracking system is the where you can go to submit issues, bugs, and feature requests or explore past submissions and their resolutions.